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If you wear high heels, run, stand on your feet all day chances are you have Plantar Fasciitis.

Plantar Fasciitis sounds scary , swelling and tenderness at the bottom of your foot results from over use of the , muscles and tendons in your calf and foot.

People will experience pain when walking or running even when standing. If your exercise regime consists of running or using a step machine you can aggravate the muscles in your feet or calves causing ( inflammation)

swelling . Even standing all day can cause over use of these muscles. Over time blood flow to these tissues become compromise affecting the normal healing process.

Often when I examine a patient complaining of foot pain there is no one time they can say is the cause of their pain , that is because this is an injury that results from chronic or long term use.

Recently I treated a patient who has been suffering for months with pain in her foot, it has caused her to stop running as part of her exercise program, she even has difficulty walking from one building to the other on campus.

As the examine continue I found areas of tenderness in the arch of her foot as well as in her calf.

Using Electrical Acupuncture to the areas of tenderness, in conjunction with Electric Moxa- heat producing therapy I was able to target the areas of long term inflammation and re establish normal blood flow to these muscles. After 3 weeks of treatment the patient's pain level went from 10 to 3. I also recommended a inner sole that helps redistribute the force on the heel to help stop re exacerbations to her foot.


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