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Treating Golfer's Elbow with Acupuncture

This week I saw a patient who complained of pain and swelling on the inside of his elbow. It started about a month ago when he started his golf season, he was using his wedge to play out of the rough and the heel of his club dug in. He felt a pull on the inside of his forearm but continued to finish the round.

He iced his elbow and took Tylenol that evening but found himself at his orthopedist office later that week. He received an injection to take down the swelling and was told to take it easy for a week. He returned to the links in a week and re-injured his elbow.

Fast forward a month and he is pulling he shots ,now he is canceling his rounds of golf and comes to my office complaining of: pain over his elbow and

not being able to bend his elbow and is noticing swelling on the inside of his forearm.

Using acupuncture I am able to reduce that swelling by increasing circulation to the affected area. I also used a cold laser to stimulate the body's natural defense mechanisms to help reduce inflammation,( read about cold laser on the therapies page on this website). He returned the next day and couldn't believe how much the swelling had reduced along with the increase in range of motion.

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