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Reversing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ?

I am often asked by people do I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is tingling or weakness in your hands often accompanied by pain in the forearm area.

These symptoms are due to pressure caused by inflammation on the nerves as they pass through the wrist and continue to the hands.

Recently I treated a patient who works as a hair stylist, she was complaining of pain, and numbness in her hands. She started experiencing this pain at work. Over time her symptoms evolved to where she was having numbness in her hands at night and noticed difficulty using sissors and holding a comb in her hands.

When I initially examined her she also exhibited muscle atrophy in her hand as a result of the pressure on the nerves.

The treatment regime she received consisted of acupuncture to decrease pain and inflammation on the nerves , cold laser to decrease inflammation in the surrounding soft tissue as well as herbal supplements to increase blood circulation in her arms to aid in muscle growth.

She has had a wonderful outcome. Within 4 weeks she has experience a noticeable drop in pain level, numbness has subsided and the muscle atrophy in her hand is no longer presented.

Not everyone will experience these results but acupuncture is a wonderful alternative to the surgery that may often not give the results hoped for.

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