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Seasonal Allergies

Has this been the worst allergy season for you ?

I recently saw a patient with over a 25 year history of allergies. Each change of season he experienced the stuffy nose, runny eyes, itchy throat. As some my know this is due to allergens in pollen triggering a hyper active response causing histamine release in our nasal mucosa.

Oriental Medicine believes the root cause of allergies lie with the Kidney's and Lung 's ability to produce Defensive Qi Energy . The hyper activity of our immune system ( sneezing,stuffy watery eyes) is due to a deficiency of this Defensive Qi. What really caught my attention to this patient's condition, was that he had a history of throughout his early adult hood of bone fratures. One of the Kidney's other responsibility is to grow bone. If there is a weakness in the the Defensive Qi Energy produced by the Kidney bone growth will suffer.

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